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Lake Vibes & Live Music is our platform to create memorable shows that make an impact. Lake Shows Entertainment was born out of a passion for being on the water, enjoying great bands, & being with family/friends. On top of the tremendous talent on stage, each one of our shows will honor Military Veterans & support a variety of causes/organization to benefit their ongoing efforts. Based out of North Georgia, we are a live events creator & venue operator bringing you waterfront concerts while serving amazing communities!

The Basics:

At Lake Shows Entertainment, we aspire to be the premier provider of live musical events in the South. Beyond the creation of distinctive performances, we feel compelled to utilize this as a platform for good and to make an impact on a variety of worthy causes of need. In that spirit, Lake Shows Cares – Power of Music Movement works to serve the local communities through our signature concerts & continual fundraising efforts. We are big believers that music has great power to connect & inspire us all to spread the love that live music creates!

Our Vision

To captivate & bring people together from all walks of life through the power of music; matched with the joys of being on the water. We want to be memory makers that give people an outlet to indulge their passion for live music in the greatest settings the South has to offer. We want to create the opportunity for our musical events to carry on long after the day of & make an impact on the lives of others throughout the community.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to promote music discovery, foster opportunities within the new entertainment economy & to utilize our platform to GIVE BACK. We strive to be the #1 producers of water-front entertainment events in the south and a catalyst for emergent music. Lake Shows Entertainment focuses on bringing unforgettable live music productions & harnessing the power of music.

Lake Shows Cares

Lake Shows Cares – Power of Music Movement is the core of our values. This movement helps support & serve the local communities through our grassroots promotions, sponsorships, & fundraising efforts. Channeling our ability to bring people together through the power of music, Lake Shows Cares is a platform where these concerts can create a lasting impact throughout the community!